Bible Quotes in Telugu

Motivational Bible Quotes in Telugu

The Bible helps you to know the purpose of your life and to be never afraid but it doesn’t mean you never feel scared. You may feel fear, think that something is going to affect you too much. In those cases, the Bible helps you in making you feel that everything will be alright, and keep moving forward and do what you are supposed to do in your life.

Inspirational Bible Quotes Telugu
Inspirational Bible Quotes in Telugu

Never give up on your dreams, because your dreams make you successful, and success will lead you to peace of mind, which gives you self-satisfaction, which you already know that you made the effort to become the best.

దేవుడు తన ఐశ్వర్యము చొప్పున క్రీస్తుయేసునందు మహిమలో మీ ప్రతి అవసరమును తీర్చును. – ఫిలిప్పీయులకు 4:19, 20

ప్రభువు కన్నులు నీతిమంతుల మీదను, ఆయన చెవులు వారి ప్రార్థనల వైపునను ఉన్నవి. – 1పేతురు 3:12

Bible Quotes Telugu

Inspirational Bible Quotes in Telugu

The Bible will keep you from troubles, stress, and makes strong in all the circumstances. Lord always stays with you, whatever the situation you are going through. Jesus will watch and provides enough energy to make you feel strong and he will give you the strength in your life to face any obstacles that you come across. Keeping a smile on your face doesn’t mean you are perfect. you are just satisfied with what you have and what God has blessed you.

Bible Quotes in Telugu

You might make plans for your life, but nothing can stop god’s plans for your life that are already made. So, be ready for everything with positive hope.

నీకు వెలుగు వచ్చియున్నది, లెమ్ము, తేజరిల్లుము, యెహోవా మహిమ నీ మీద ఉదయించెను. – యెషయా 60:1

Bible Jesus Quotes in Telugu

ప్రభువే నాకు దీపము, నాకు రక్షణము, ఇక నేను ఎవరికిని భయపడనక్కరలేదు. ప్రభువే నాకు కోట, ఇక నేను ఎవరికిని వెరవనక్కరలేదు. – కీర్తనలు 27:1

Faith Bible Quote in Telugu

God created you to be faithful but not to be perfect. In life, people might judge you, walk away from you, may talk ill about you. So, you might have endured pain in life. But he knows your heart and he will always listen to your prayers and always give you a chance to change your life into something great. But all you need is to stay on the right path, Trust, and faithful.

Bible Quotes on Faith in Telugu

If you want true peace of mind, there might be many things that are arriving at peace. But one of the most important is faith, which can only get in praying the god.

నీవు నన్ను నిశ్చయముగా ఆశీర్వదించి నా సరిహద్దును విశాలపరచి నీ చెయ్యి నాకు తోడుగా ఉండ దయచేసి నాకు కీడురాకుండా దానిలో నుంచి నన్ను తప్పించుము. – 1 దినవృత్తాంతములు 4:10

Bible Faith Quotes in Telugu

యెహోవాయందు భయభక్తులు కలిగియుండుట తెలివికి మూలము. మూర్ఖులు జ్ఞానమును ఉపదేశమును తిరస్కరించుదురు. – సామెతలు 1:7

Spiritual Bible Quotes in Telugu

Adopting the bible in our daily lives helps you to maintain moral values, ethics, calms your mind, give wisdom to all decisions, improves inner self, attitude towards society, honesty, and to grow your personality.

Believe in God gives the right path to the lost, strength to the weak, power to the powerless, and makes you dwell in happiness. If you have faith and trust in the Bible, it will help you to know the relationship between humans and God (Jesus) in terms of various ways.

Spiritual Bible Quotes in Telugu

By offering prayers every day to god improve spiritual personalities like positive relationships, positive thinking, inner peace, unconditional love.

నీవు నడుచు మార్గంలో నీ దేవుడు యేసుప్రభు నీకు తోడైయుండును.

Telugu Bible Quotes

మీలో ప్రతివాడును తన సొంతకార్యములను మాత్రమేగాక ఇతరుల కార్యములను కూడ చూడవలెను. – ఫిలిప్పీయులకు 2:4

Spiritual Bible Quotes Telugu

Good Morning Bible Quotes in Telugu

Wakeup with hope, forget about the past and former things, and think that it’s going to be a beautiful day. and start a day by praying Lord to give all the strength and power to face all the barriers and move forward in life.

Everyone wants to start a day with all the good things and a good mood. if that is what you want to happen, offering the morning prayers to the god is the best way, which he guides you in your daily lives, light upon your feet, guide your paths, protect you every day, keep you away from evil, give wisdom to all decisions, keep you in the right mind and forgive you. So, that you will get positive energy to start afresh day, Peace in believing, hope to fill you with all the happiness, surprises. Trust God to strengthen your weakness.

దుఃఖపడువారు ధన్యులు; వారు ఓదార్చబడుదురు. – మత్తయి సువార్త 5:4

నేడు రక్షకుడు మీ కొరకు పుట్టియున్నాడు. – లూకా 2:11

Good Night Bible Quotes in Telugu

Lie down, sleep in peace and pray Lord to bless you, your friend, and loved ones to dwell in safety. Ask Jesus to have a joyful awakening in the morning and thank him for keeping you safe from all harm and danger this day. Pray him to forgive you for any wrongs and accept any good things you did. Never worry about tomorrow and stop Today. Everything happens for a reason, always have hope to achieve a good day with all the positive thoughts and positive energy.

You might lead the worst day and don’t have any idea what is happening in your life. Don’t worry just calm down, relax and pray the god to help through the problem. And remember that God has always something for you, a solution for your problem, relief for your pain, and a plan for tomorrow. He will always stay with you and within you even in a crisis. So, faith in God and trust in yourself makes you sleep tight and happy.

నీవు నమ్మినయెడల దేవుని మహిమ చూతువు

నన్ను బలపరచువానియందే నేను సమస్తమును చేయగలను

క్రీస్తు శరీరమందు శ్రమపడెను గనుక
మీరును అట్టి మనస్సును ఆయుధముగా ధరించుకొనుడి

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