Telugu Good Morning Friendship Quotes & Greetings

Friendship Quotes in Telugu:

True friends stab you in the front…. Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?

A good deed is never lost: he who sows courtesy reaps friendship; and he who plants kindness gathers love. – Basil

Nothing left in the relation of friendship if one friend be fooled the other. A relation of friendship is greater than any blood relation.

Nobody is foe to anybody. It’s only the situations and needs which make friends and foes in our life.

A friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. ~Walter Winchell

When you hear a kind word spoken about a friend, tell him so. ~H. Jackson Brown Jr.


బంధువులను ఇచ్చేది భగవంతుండే అయినా, మిత్రులను చేసుకునేది మనమే!


ఒక చిన్న చిరునవ్వు చాలు.. స్నేహం ప్రారంభం కావడానికి …..

ఒక చిన్న మాట చాలు..  పెను యుద్దాలనపడానికి……

ఒక చిన్న చూపు చాలు..  కొన్ని బంధాలను నిలపడానికి …..

ఒక మంచి స్నేహితుడు చాలు..  నీ జీవితాన్ని మార్చడానికి.


శుభోదయం మిత్రమా!

Telugu Good Morning Friendship Quotes, Greetings

Good Morning Wishes for Girl Friend, Boy Friend. Friendship Quotations in Telugu. Good Morning Greetings to Share with Friends.

Sometimes to keep your good rapport with your friends, you should ignore their shortcomings and errs. Beware from the people who give you their conclusion without finding the correct remedies of your problems. They are not your friends. They are worse than your foes.

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