Good Night - Bye for the day

Good Night Telugu Greeting – Bye for the day.

Telugu Good Night Greeting Quotes:

Look out into the Universe and contemplate the glory of God. Observe the stars, millions of them, twinkling in the night sky, all with a message of unity, part of the very nature of God. Hope, like the gleaming taper’s light, Adorns and cheers our way And still, as darker grows the night, Emits a brighter ray.

In the spiritual journey we travel though the night toward the day. We walk not in the bright sunshine of total certainty but through the darkness of ignorance, error, muddle, and uncertainty. We make progress in the journey as we grow in faith.

Good night, good night parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow. ~William Shakespeare

Live neither in the past nor in the future, but let each day’s work absorb your entire energies, and satisfy your widest ambition. ~William Osler

Good Night - Bye for the day
Good Night – Bye for the day

ఇప్పుడున్న చీకటిని కాదు, రేపు వచ్చే ఉదయం కోసం వేచి చూడు.

ఈ రోజుకి సెలవ్. శుభరాత్రి 

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